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*** Update September 2011 : back to The Netherlands ! ***

The analog source, which has been stored home during my Singapore expat assignment, joins the rest of the system.

*** The digital source ***

A beautiful Japanese combo :

- TEAC EsotericP-03 (SA)CD transport
- TEAC EsotericD-03 Digital Analog Converter
- TEAC EsotericG-03x clock generator

*** The analog source ***

May be not the sexiest turntable to look at, but it`s excellent performer

- VPI "Super Scout Master" turntable with external SDS speed control
- VPI JMW9 tonearm
- Lyra "Argo i" cartridge
- Tom Evans "The Groove" phono preamplifier

*** The amplification ***

The preamplifier and the power amplifier are from Viola Audio Labs.
For those unfamiliar with the Viola Audio Labs brand, their founders and lead designers,
Paul Jayson and Tom Colangelo have been working as designers for brands like Mark Levinson ad Cello.

- Viola Cadenza with an external power supply unit
- Viola Symphony

*** The speakers ***

The latest addition to my system ...

- Magico V3

*** Cables ***

- Acrolink 7N-D5000 AES/EBU digital cables between the Esoteric P-03 and the D-03
- Stereovox XV2 , 75 Ohm BNC digital cables trasporting the clock signals from the G-03x to the P-03 and the D-03
- Two Kubala Sosna Emotion XLR from the DAC to the Viola Cadenza and from the Cadenza to the Viola Symphony
- Nordost Heimdall speaker cable
- Nordost Shiva power cord from the wall to the PS Audio PPP
- Two Acrolink 6N-PC6100 power cords from the PS Audio PPP to the Esoteric P-03 and D-03
- Three Oyaide Tunami GP-X from the PS Audio PPP to the Esoteric G-03x , the Viola Cadenza and the Viola Symphony

*** Other accessories ***

- PS Audio Power Plant Premiere ( PPP ) feeding the entire system
- Finite Elemente Cerapuc feet under the Magico V3
- TAOC ASR-4S-MS hi;fi racks
- Sennheiser HD-650 headphone
- Rudistor RP-1 headphone amplifier

Thanks for visiting my page, and stay tuned for more updates !!

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An overview of the system

TEAC Esoteric P-03

Viola Symphony inside

The Magico V3

Produkt Merk Typenummer
Loopwerk Esoteric P-03
D/A converter Esoteric D-03
Overige bronmaterialen Esoteric G-03x external clock
Overige kabels Esoteric Acrolink 7N-D5000 AES/EBU
Netsnoer Esoteric Acrolink 6N-PC6100 ( two pieces )
Demper/kegel/cones/spike Finite elemente Cerapuc
Interlink Kubala Sosna Emotion XLR ( two pieces )
Element Lyra Argo i
Luidspreker voor Magico V3
Luidsprekerkabel Nordost Cables Heimdall
Netsnoer Oyaide Tunami GP-X ( three pieces )
Netfilter PS Audio Power Plant Premiere
Hoofdtelefoonversterker Rudistor RP-1
Hoofdtelefoon Sennheiser HD-650
Meubels Solidsteel 5.4
Luidspreker voor Sonus faber Cremona Auditor
Coax interlink Stereovox XV2
Phono versterker Tom Evans The Groove
Voorversterker Viola Audio Labs Cadenza
Eindversterker Viola Audio Labs Symphony
Loopwerk VPI Super Scout Master

Mijn HiFi Geschiedenis
In my teenager years I used my dad`s Philips compact stereo ... no comment.
Growing up, little by little I updgraded to a Denon CDP/Thorens turntable/Harman Kardon amplifier/Indiana Line speakers.

Then it came the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 Reference, the VPI turntable, the Primaluna Prologue Two amplifier and the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers.

Moving to Singapore in 2008, I`ve upgraded the entire system to the current one ...

Algemene vragen
Omschrijf het geluid van uw systeem.
Deze vraag is nog niet ingevuld.

Waar liggen bij u de verbeterpunten?
Deze vraag is nog niet ingevuld.

Wat zijn uw toekomstige plannen met betrekking tot uw set?
- Hmmm... no plans in the near future, but never say "never"

Omschrijf uw luisterruimte (aankleding, inhoud, meubilair, akoestiek etc.)
Just a normal living room ....

Kunt u aangeven hoeveel beeld- en geluidsdragers u heeft en in welke genres dit verdeeld is?
More than 1400 CD and SACD.

In Europe I left more than 500 LPs

About 40% of my collection is Pop/Rock music, 40% Jazz and 20% Classical Music

Hoe vaak luistert u naar muziek?
As much as I can ...

Hoe vaak kijkt u film?
Movies ?? What are you talking about ?

hi-fi, photography, Scuba-diving

Thumbnails description:
1 - Viola Cadenza and its external PSU
2 - TEAC Esoteric P03 transport internal view
3 - TEAC Esoteric D03 DAC internal view
4 - TEAC VRDS-Neo close-up
5 - Close-up Viola Cadenza
6 - We support Real Stereo !!!

Mad in Italy

Singapore night view

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  • Bruce Springsteen
  • U2
  • Miles Davis
  • John Coltrane
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Antonio Forcione

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